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Employment ADA Procedures (policy review excerpt)

[The key is to outline what the process looks like, as well as, how it operates and/or is coordinated with other HR policies and procedures.]

  • Identify the roles of the responsible offices in the request and accommodation process (e.g., HR, ADA Coordinator, Provost Office…)
  • Identify the individuals/offices who will meet with employees to discuss their performance difficulties and/or accommodation needs (ex. HR personal, ADA Coordinator, immediate supervisor, Asst. Provost, etc…)
  • Adopt request procedures and documentation requirements (e.g., physician contacts, independent medical assessments, verification procedures, etc…), as well as, corresponding forms (Use Columbia University forms as a guide)
  • Determine how the confidentiality of employee medical information will be maintained. Issues to address include who will have access to the information and under what circumstances access will be granted
  • Identify the office(s) responsible for making disability determinations
  • Identify the individuals/offices participating in accommodation decisions and their respective roles
  • Identify offices and sources of information that will be used to fashion accommodations, including how the input of immediate supervisors will be incorporated
  • Identify the office(s) responsible for communicating disability determinations and/or accommodation decisions to employees
  • Identify the office(s) responsible for provision of approved accommodations. An important issue to address is the manner in which the necessary involvement of supervisors will be managed.
  • Identify the individuals/offices that will fund approved accommodations
  • Identify the individuals/offices that will settle disputes and/or hear appeals regarding accommodation requests. (Will there be an avenue for employees to augment their requests, appeal initial determinations, or contest the manner in which accommodations are provided or will employees be immediately referred to the grievance process?)
  • Develop a clear statement of the College’s reasonable accommodation policy
  • Design training and guidance for supervisors regarding ADA issues and coordination with leave and attendance process and procedures