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Salome Heyward & Associates provides a number of services that offer our customers and clients the opportunity to stay abreast of the rapidly changing legal landscape regarding disability-based compliance. The focus of these services is to provide users a full range of informational services to address their compliance needs, i.e., quick legal updates, detailed analysis of pertinent topics and an informational website. Significant legal development in the form of enforcement agencies policy pronouncements, OCR rulings, DOJ settlement agreements, and federal court decisions are discussed from a number of perspectives:

Compliance Alerts:A brief discussion of recent legal developments.

Salome Says: A blog in which the ramifications of a recent legal development are discussed in detail.

Disability Direct Response: A compliance focused, informational website with interactive research features. Users have the ability to research issues from a number of different perspectives including: pertinent court decisions and agency rulings, best practices and decision support models.