Policy & Procedure Development

OCR begins every complaint or compliance review with an examination of the institution’s policies and procedures. Every Resolution Agreement includes provisions for the development or revision of specific policies and procedures. Implementation of proper policies and procedures is a necessary element of compliant ADA/504 programs and activities. We have the tools and services to assist institutions in designing proper policies and procedures. They include:

Case Review and Analysis

We review individual cases for clients in which compliance with the Rehabilitation Act and the ADA is at issue. Our assessment of such cases is not limited to mere compliance determination; but, rather includes a wide range of guidance and assistance such as accommodation strategies; claim or complaint resolutions; policy or procedural modifications; program action steps; legal analysis, etc… .

Sample Case Review

Program Audits and Evaluations

Salome Heyward & Associates conducts program evaluations to assess entities’ compliance with Rehabilitation Act (Section 504 and 508) and ADA mandates. We conduct full program reviews or our clients select identified areas or offices (e.g., disability services office operations; access to emerging technology, facilities/program access, employment practices, etc…) that will be the focus of the evaluation. All program assessments include a team of our experts working directly with institution representatives.

Our evaluations include a review of relevant institutional documents and materials, onsite inspection, as well as, interviews with key stakeholders. We consider and assess the entity’s a) disability-related practices, procedures and policies; b) philosophical approach to providing services to individuals with disabilities; c) structure and processes concerning compliance mandates and strategies; and d) disability services program objectives. We provide our clients with an in-depth report which outlines not only our determinations regarding compliance with regulatory mandates, but, also, discusses the factors which influence or impact compliance status (e.g., organizational structure; methods of administration; resource management, etc…).

Sample Evaluation Findings