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Departmental Workshops

These are sessions which we conduct with administrative offices and/or academic departments to a) assist them in either understanding the manner in which the ADA and Section 504 impacts their duties and responsibilities or b) suggest possible solutions to the compliance problems or concerns they are addressing.  Examples of the sessions:

  • Campus Behavior committee discussions of qualified status and treatment of students with psychiatric disabilities;
  • Appropriate accommodations for students in allied health program relative to technical standards;
  • Meeting with a graduate program to address issues related to the enrollment of a student with Aspergers Syndrome;
  • Strategizing with a facilities director and housing department regarding students’ complaints regarding accessible housing.
  • Webinars

    "I like the format.  I can stay up to date on what is happening in the field without spending thousands on trips.  This is a good value for the money."

    Valerie Wolfe

    Manager of Disability Resource

    Madisonville Community College

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