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Staff Development Sessions

In-depth sessions with disability services staff, ADA/504 Coordinators, affirmative action officers and general counsel staff that focuses on a particular problem, case or situation. We provide information regarding the present status of the enforcement landscape which includes recent OCR rulings, court decisions and best practices, as well as, offer approaches and strategies to address the particular situation(s), problem(s) and/or case(s) the client presents. Examples:

  • Guidance to disability services staff regarding the participation of parents in the accommodation process;
  • Offering strategies to university administrators for forming a proper working relation between medical school faculty and disability services staff which properly balances academic integrity issues and the right of students with disabilities to meaningful access.
  • Webinars

    "I like the format.  I can stay up to date on what is happening in the field without spending thousands on trips.  This is a good value for the money."

    Valerie Wolfe

    Manager of Disability Resource

    Madisonville Community College

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