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Training and Educational Services

We offer a wide range of training and staff development services. They include:

The hallmark of our training and staff development programs and services is that they are designed specifically to address the compliance and/or administrative concerns and needs of our clients. These are not pre-packaged generic products. Our guide for program design is not just the topics or issues identified by our clients. We also seek to understand the underlying methods of administration or circumstances that give rise to their needs, problems and/or concerns. Our goal is to ensure that the programs and services we offer are both educational, as well as incorporate strategies and action steps for addressing those problems, concerns and/or needs.

All client developed training and educational programs are offered in a variety of formats including: On-site presentations, internet (SKPE, FaceTime, Teleconference ….).

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  • Webinars

    "I like the format.  I can stay up to date on what is happening in the field without spending thousands on trips.  This is a good value for the money."

    Valerie Wolfe

    Manager of Disability Resource

    Madisonville Community College

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