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Training Programs

Programs designed to address topics identified by our clients using their preferred format (lecture, Q&A, case scenarios, workshop, etc…). Generally these are half day or full day sessions. Our recent program offerings include:

  • A full day state sponsored program for colleges and universities on technology access issues. The participants included disability service providers, IT personnel and compliance officers.
  • A faculty in-service outlining the responsibilities and rights of faculty in the accommodation process.
  • Training programs for college personnel designed specifically to meet the provisions of an OCR settlement agreement. (Ex.: service animal policies and procedures and allied health accommodation procedures).
  • Keynote for state AHEAD Conferences providing the status of significant regulatory mandates
  • Webinars

    "I like the format.  I can stay up to date on what is happening in the field without spending thousands on trips.  This is a good value for the money."

    Valerie Wolfe

    Manager of Disability Resource

    Madisonville Community College

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