Series 12: Webinar 1


Tuesday, December 1, 20201:30 pm EST

COVID-19 has dramatically changed postsecondary education for the foreseeable future. How do institutions ensure that they provide meaningful access to students with disabilities in what has becomes essentially on-line/hybrid instructional services? There are a wide range of complex issues that must be addressed. For example:

  • What provisions should be put into place to a) maximize the accessibility of on-line educational courses and services and b) ensure that access issues that students with disabilities experience in the on-line environment are effectively addressed?
  • At what point does providing students with disabilities different methods or means of participating in the instructional program equal denial of access and/or discrimination?
  • What are proper academic adjustments, auxiliary aids and services for students whose disabilities place them in the high-risk group?
  • How should clinical placements, internships, etc.… be handled?
  • Should the disability services staff be responsible for addressing all cases where individuals assert that a medical condition prevents them from adhering to COVID-19 policies and/or requirements?

This webinar will include the participation of Rebecca Sitton, Assistive Technology Coordinator for North Carolina State University, who will provide guidance regarding important access to technology issues, specifically focused on online instructional services. She will also answer participant questions.